Credit Agricole CIB for eXalt-IT

Lead Developer | May 2022 to present

Working on .Net microservices delivering interest curves & realtime market data to traders.

Tech: Kubernetes, ASP.Net Core, Redis, SignalR, Excel-DNA, Couchbase, Gitlab, Yarp, ELK, …

Veepee - Previously Vente-Privee

French ecommerce company, pioneer in online flash sales of designer brands.

Lead Developer | Mid 2019 to May 2022

  • Tech Lead on a Public Web Portal
    • Similar to the previous product, but with a React UI
    • Multilingual team, spread across France and Spain
    • Interesting challenges around micro frontends & authentication
    • .Net 6, RabbitMQ, PostgreSQL, EntityFramework, Yarp, NodeJs, React, Express, Helm, …

Senior Software Developer | Feb 2018 to mid 2019

  • Specify, Develop & Test for an API Gateway
    • .Net Core Microservices (20 different services, 25 dependencies, ~10 big “clients”)
    • Kubernetes, ELK, GitLab CI, Couchbase, AMQ, Docker, Rancher, …
    • Critical application with diverse constraints (volume of data, concurrency, … )
    • Multi repo codebase, code simple to grasp, but data & business with huge complexity and history

Enablon - Wolters Kluwer

Leading software vendor on Sustainability, EH&S and Risk management.

R&D Architect | Feb 2014 to Feb 2018

  • Software Architecture (analyze, prototype, test & develop)
    • Mockup & prototype development
    • Refactoring legacy code when necessary
    • Define technical architecture of components
    • Guide development teams to apply best practices (Unit Tests, Coding Conventions, …)
  • Migrated from Jenkins & SVN to Azure DevOps & Git & Hosted Agents
    • Develop integration middleware between internal apps & Azure DevOps
  • Resolve complex requests
    • Develop embedded diagnostic tools (Web, .Net, Performance, …)
    • Performance issues (web, database, network, .Net optimization, …)
  • Participate in sales to win prospects
    • Develop prototypes for sales under time constraints

R&D Developer | Dec 2004 to Fev 2014

Responsible of the development of the reporting tool and the web interface & Scrum Master

  • development of the report module of Enablon (VB6 then .Net)
    • 8 years of development to transform a minor function into a central and major module of Enablon and a sales strength
    • Fully refactor the module with constrains of performances, user experience and design
  • Development of a mathematical toolbox (.Net) :
    • Simulation (Monte Carlo), forecast and trends, stochastic optimization, predictive analysis
  • Improve the UI to switch to “Web 2.0” UX (ajax/json, interactivity, customization of UI for each user, …)
  • Manage a scrum team (Agile methodology applied for numerous sprints)
  • Handle technical documentation for consultants and partners
  • Development and deployment of automated test of the software inside a continuous integration pipeline :
    • Jenkins (then Azure DevOps) as an orchestrator
    • Selenium & SoapUI for integration tests & XUnit (then NUnit) & Jasmine for unit tests
    • MSBuild as a build script
  • Manage a team of 4 developers
    • Train and onboard new members
    • Define objectives and evaluate
    • Plan and deliver developments with the team

Chantier Allais

Naval Shipyard in Dieppe (France)

R&D Engineer | Jan 2004 - Nov 2004

Confidential study around the following topics :

  • Modeling poly articulated and hydraulic systems using Bond Graphs
  • Real Time Systems (RTAI), Hydraulic & Mechanics


  • 2015+ : Pluralsight (C#, Refactoring, Design Patterns, Azure DevOps, ALM, TDD, DDD, …)
  • 2013 : Certified Scrum Master
  • 1999 - 2004 : ESIEE Paris - École Supérieur d’Ingénieurs en Électronique et Électrotechnique
    Graduated in 2004, specialized in embedded system
  • 1999 : Baccalauréat (French secondary school diploma), science major


The things I am fluent in : C# & ASP.Net stack, XUnit/NUnit, CI/CD, Docker, Kubernetes, Nugets, Microservices, SQL, Bash, HTML5, JavaScript (NodeJs & Front), CSS3, Elastic, VS Code, VS, Git, …

The things that I touch regularly : Python, Nginx, Alpine, …

The things that I rarely touch, but know a little : Perl, WCF, …

The things from my past : C++, Java, UML, VB6, Apache httpd, MatLab/Simulink (SimMechanics), Scilab, Octave, Mathematica, Svn, …


French : Native language
English : Good level, used professionally for the past 10 years. TOEFL : 590 points (Dec 2002)
Italian : Good level, 1 to 2 months stay every year
Romanian : Beginner
German : Beginner (3 months stay in 2003)


Sports : Rock climbing (8 years)
Sailing with crew : Training at Les Glénans (level : “3 voiles”), participated to “Spi Dauphine” Sailing Race in 2003 and 2004 (Sailing Race of 10 days on the mediterranean sea)
Activity : Scouting : cared for children between 8 and 12 years old
Interest for AI, drawing and astronomy.